Music Is The Drug

Music Is The Drug

Hosted by Corey Biggs - Saturday - 15:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs

Live & Exclusive to Reef Fm - Tenerife


Music Is The Drug

Corey Biggs Presents Music Is The Drug,

is a 2-hour radio show, consisting of Corey Biggs and guest.

Past guest have included.

Stefko Kruse, Laylae, 711, Valentina Black, Eli Escobar, The White Brothers,Rui Da Silva, Sonic Future, Teenage Mutants, Orkhan Ronfoller,Reblok, Paris Haze, Mr. Bizz, Andres Gil, Dosem, Filterheadz, Tomy Declerque, Spartaque, Happy Gutenberg, D Unity,

Thorsten Hammer,Jorge Jaramillo, Nikolai Marti,Alessio Collina,Kaiser Souzai, Dave Rosario, Gabriel Ben, Tom Novy, Paul Begge, Marco Bailey, Adrian Hour. Leon ,Letkolben, Dave Rosario, Joseph Disco, Paul Begge, Raytek, Positive Merge ,Boot Slap , Sebastian Groth,

Luigi Rocca, John Lagora JC Laurent, Chris Gavin, Takuya Kashiwada , Ryota , Mr. Clean, Sonic Future, Reset Robot, Ben Hoo, M.A.N.D.Y., Federico Scavo, Axel Karakasis, Phil da Cunha, Raytek,Yaya Desolat, Jewel Kid, Simone Tavazzi, Sasha Carassi,

Tony Dee, Noir, Luis Junior, Coqui Selection, Mihilas Safras, Timo Maas, Chico Abreu, DJ JD, Rosario Galati, Lowkilla Nino

Bellemo, and many more.

Corey BiggsIn 2015,

Corey Biggs, will be bringing water, to the masses, within his dance revolution,

Music Is The Drug Hosted by Corey Biggs - Saturday - 15:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs Reef Fm  – Tenerife Radio Stationpersonal legacy for love within Dance music. His passion for learning to re-learn, Music production, and creating compelling unorthodox sounds,

Is the magic that creates, his perfect ideals daily.


is his first year ever, releasing his music productions, to the world with over 10+ years in the Dance Music Industry.

He May or May not be, the missing secret to the on-going dance music revolution, this is unknowable in being.

The knowable though, is his being, of his sound being, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, happy & harmonious.

This presence creates his, imperfect to perfect ideals & his desire within life learning of Mastery

and Spirituality to reflect on his creations. His 1st Album, Vanity Fair Nightmare, released on the DC10 Records, in April 2015,

has been, sub-licensed by 8 labels including

MMXV Artist Collective, 20 SHADES OF MINIMAL,




Music Is The Drug Hosted by Corey Biggs – Saturday – 15:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs – Reef Fm  – Tenerife Radio Station


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