Magna Recordings Show

Hosted By Carlos Manaca - Saturday - 05:00 - 06:00 hrs

Live & Exclsuive on Reef Fm - Tenerife
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Magna Recordings Show

Hosted By Carlos Manaca - Saturday - 05:00 - 06:00 hrs

Live & Exclsuive on Reef Fm - Tenerife

Magna Recordings Show

With a distance of 30 years within the “cabins”, Carlos Manaca is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names of “Dance Scene” English. a constant presence in the main events of electronic music in Portugal since its inception, Carlos Manaca is undoubtedly one of the “pioneers” and main ambassadors of dance music that is made in Portugal.

Begun in 1986

In his hometown, Barreiro (Setúbal district), is from 1992 his career as a DJ reaches national prominence as a resident of two of the big “clubs” drivers of electronic music in Portugal,

The “PIER 447 “(Matosinhos, near Porto, from 1992 to 1995),

and” ROCK’s Club “(Vila Nova de Gaia) between 1995 and 1996.

” ROCK’s “acted alongside big names in the World electronic music in its absolute debut Portugal.

like Danny Tenaglia, Armand Van Elden, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, DJ Sneak, Johnny Vicious,

George Morel, Eric Morillo, Underworld (among many others) performances that make this “club” in a reference to National and International.

Between 1997 and 2005

is touted by Agency / Developer “X-Club” a presence in virtually all major events of electronic music produced in Portugal.

The “X-Club” was responsible for some of the biggest and best events in Portugal,

Carlos Manaca participated in almost all between 1997 and 2005.

Highlighting the MUSIC FESTIVAL Neptunes (held in 1997 in Albufeira, Algarve,

Today the largest dance music event in Portugal) and also to the various editions of the event “HELLO LOVE 2 dANCE”.

held at the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon.

Magna Recordings Show

As a producer, his career began in 1995

with the “Duo” OLN (one of the first projects of “dance music” in Portugal) remixing “Places of Pleasure” and “Reboot 144”,

both with editing by Kaos Records Portugal and later edited worldwide for Tribal America, an EP with OLN name – “Oporto Deep Cuts”.

In 2000 creates

the Magna Recordings Portugal editor that quickly reaches a prominent place, either nationally or internationally, with several editions to reach the top of the charts and to be played by major DJs around the world.

In 2001 co-produces with Chus & Ceballos the theme “The Strong Rhythm”

which also reaches the first places in the main “Charts” in 2001 and 2002 and is included in the compilation

“GLOBAL UNDERGROUND 021 – MOSCOW” mixed by Deep Dish (Dubfire and Sharam),

A leading dance compilation at International level, among many others.

Also in 2000,

edited by Universal Music Portugal its first compilation called “PURE ELEMENTS OF HOUSE” which sold more than 10,000 copies and went gold.

In 2001

on the cover of the music magazine “DANCE CLUB” and also the mix CD of this edition, named “FRESH FRUIT”.

In 2005

returns to be on the cover of “DANCE CLUB”, this time in celebration of five years of Magna Recordings, also mixing the CD included in this issue of the magazine.

In January 2006

mix compilation “5 YEARS OF MAGNA RECORDINGS” edited by the very Magna Recordings, which was a sales success.

In 2009

the theme Manaca, Chus & Ceballos “The Strong Rhythm” is remixed by Canadian D-Unity

And lasts five weeks in first place in the “TOP 10” of the main store sales “online” dance music, Beatport.

With these and other issues, your name reaches projection across borders,

Leading him to visit countries as diverse as Japan (several times),

Poland, Mexico, USA, England, Canada, Russia, Croatia, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique,

Austria, (among many others) and Spain, where has lived since 2002 after a course of “Audio-Engineering” in the prestigious school English SAE in Madrid.

As a producer in 2015 was its best year ever, with editions in Publishing as important as SCI + TEC (of Dubfire, the Deep Dish) Deep Funk’n,

Toolroom (with Chus & Ceballos), Orange Recordings, Transmit, Otto Music, Kinetika Records and Audio District.

In 2016

Carlos Manaca celebrated its 30 years of career as a professional DJ.

Was undoubtedly one of its best years ever,

has received several awards and participated in some of the best national events such ROCK IN RIO Lisbon

(next to names like Carl Cox, Octave One and DJ Vibe) and the “Best of the Year Radio New Age “in Pavilion Rosa Mota (Porto) where he received the Career Award.

He also received the prize “20 More 2015” in addition to having stayed in 10th place in the recent poll “Top 30” both dance music portal 100% DJ. In addition to these awards also received the award for the best “DJ Tech” in Portuguese WAV Awards



Dj Dub – “Is There A God?” – World Music (Portugal) – 1998

Carlos Manaca – “Feel The Drums” – Magna Recordings / Groovy Prod (Belgium) – 2000

Manaca, Chus & Ceballos – “The Strong Rhythm”– Stereo Productions (Spain) / Moody Records (USA) / Magna Recordings – 2001

Manaca & De Rivera – “Moving To The Beats” – Magna Recordings 2005

D-Formation & Carlos Manaca – “Sexy Sheet” – Beat Freak (Spain) – 2007

Carlos Manaca vs. Mastiksoul – “MTF Come Here” – Hoshi Records – 2007

LULA – “Always Lost” – Carlos Manaca Original Mix – KULT Records – 2008


Magna Recordings Show Hosted By Carlos Manaça – Saturday – 05:00 – 06:00 hrs – Reef Fm  – Tenerife Radio Station


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