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Jagged Jungle

Hosted by Jayli - Monthly 03:00 hrs - 04:00 hrs

Live & Exclsuive on Reef Fm - Tenerife
Jayli-Jagged Jungle

Jagged Jungle

Hosted by Jayli - Monthly 03:00 hrs - 04:00 hrs

Live & Exclsuive on Reef Fm - Tenerife

Jamielisa, better known as Jayli, is a London based producer/DJ. hosting Jagged Jungle on  Reef Fm  – Tenerife Radio Station  Originally from Toronto Canada,
Jayli was born into sound, with a father that composed for the likes of George Harrison and Monty Python,
Jayli began touring from the age of 2 with her father, spending her childhood wiring up stages,
and surrounding herself with artists and comedians.
She initially trained as a classical musician learning the violin and trained at the Guildhall of music with singing,
these melodic influences are audible in Jail’s music-making her sound distinctive.


Jagged Jungle - Jayli


Already an established DJ, Jayli has toured the world from Hong Kong to Sydney to New York and everywhere in between, supporting the likes of Guetta,

Ronson and Swedish House Mafia.

She continues to tour the world headlining shows for legendary dance brand, Hed Kandi.


spends her day’s songwriting and producing topical house beats, between gym visits! Stay tuned to hear about new music from Jayli.

Come and Escape to Jayli’s Jagged Jungle for an inspiring selection of the best new tropical and tribal music.

As well as favourite classics, with the occasional ID track thrown in. Jagged Jungle is a 60min exploration – get ready to enjoy paradise.

Jagged Jungle - Jayli

To enjoy paradise.

Tape London, Cuckoo Club (London), EXCEL LONDON, Libertine (London) Ocean Beach (Ibiza), Nikki Beach (Heli port Greece),

STK Worldwide, Winston Churchill (Paris), Base (Dubai), Miami Beach Club, Dundee University, Voyage Sogun (Turkey),

Asalina (New York), The W Hotel (Washington USA), Priv Music Club (Poland), Café del Mar (Sydney), Quinta Do Lobo at Cubo (Portugal),

The Four Seasons Hotel (Bahrain), The Royal Yacht Club (Jersey), NOBU (Worldwide). Great Sound Great Dj Tune in and Listen today

Jagged Jungle Radio Show Hosted by Jayli – Monthly 03:00 hrs – 04:00 hrs Reef Fm  – Tenerife Radio Station

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