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Phill Archer

Dj - Presenter / Producer

Reef Fm Radio Station - Tenerife

Phill Archer

Dj Phill Archer / Fractal Fill

2016 – 1st Sept We Rebranded and launched Reef Fm – Tenerife Biggest Urban Station


2015 Lauched Golf97fm Urban Radio Station – www.golf97fm.com


Out Music Library Covers from 60’s to the Latest New Music &  Latest Dance Music

60’s 70’s / 80’s / 90’s / Pop / R & B / Techno / Trance /  Psy Trance / Acid Techno / D n B / Dubstep / Ibiza House / Funky House / Soulful House / Dance / Chillout / Rap & Hip Hop  Old-Skool – Acid House / Club / Underground / Acid Trance / Cafe del Mar / Buddha Bar.


I have been Dj’ing and Promoting Psy / Psychedelic Trance as Dj Phill Archer & Fractal Fill for over 35 years, I have watched the scene and the music evolve and mature over the years, actively involved in the music and scene. I produce and promote and market a weekly Psy / Psychedelic Trance radio show called The UnderGround Club Zone Radio Show

Kiss-FM TenerifeI Presented Dj´d and hosted The UnderGround Club Zone Psy Trance Show, which air´s every Saturdays Midnight till 2am on Kiss Tenerife 106.8 Fm and various other Radio Stations accross the Planet, it is a very unique show Broadcasting Live to Canary Islands on Fm and broadcast to the world on the internet weekly.


I partnered with – Discover Radio UK – Real Dance Radio UK – DubConcepts Radio UK – Fuze Digital Radio Australia – UnderGround Womp Fm USA – Psymusic UK – Radio Three UK just to name a few …

The Best of New Psychedelic Trance from the Underground Club Scene, and lots of older Classics Mixed with my own innovative unique hard edged style and charisma.

With hard cutting edge music for the new generation of trancers, taking the best styling’s from many genres like Trance, Goa, Progressive, Break beat, House, Techno even D n B and evolving the music.

Producers and Dj’s who can take the best from these and many styles and genres, helping to energise and allow the music to grow and breathe and live, slowly mutating the style and form into Psychedelic Trance, with a little help from some electro gismos and guru’s with a bucket load of talent and foresight.

Ground breaking innovative artists Like Hallucinogen (Simon Posford ) & Infected MushroomSlinky WizardGreen Nuns of the Revolution, Doof, D.N.A. & GMS to name a few, who pushed the boundries from GOA to Psychedelic Trance in a great many different directions, Labels Like Flying Rhino and TIP, Matsuri.

Events like The Tribal Garthering´s, Big Love – Universe Events, Mean Fiddler Events, Mega Dog, they push the scene and boundries of Events, We regulary went to Leeds, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Brighton, Newcastle, all over the UK and Europe.

Over the years I have worked at many Clubs / Festivals and Parties thru out the UK and all parts of Europe, Enjoying the ever growing Psy Trance scene and it growing audience of true followers, also I have been involved in Pirate Radio and the Free Party scene running many events in the UK and also commerical radio in Spain.

Psy Trance has global appeal and the Psy scene has been growing and growing, people are shocked it has been a round so long and has become mainstream underground music and has out lived many fads from the early days and born from the roots GOA Trance. As many genres as there are in mainstream popular music, Psy has just as many under the banner call Psy Trance. Maybe one day it will takes its rightful place as a pure music genre not just the Rave or Ecstacy culture music. Where people understand that it is spiritually uplifting and Enlightening and a true form of expression and opens your synaptic pathways.

In the Beginning 

Started out as a Bedroom Vinyl Dj late 80’s got into the Rave culture found my home in Techno music for a years or so. Played out allot mostly in Bars and Events.

Got invited to a Trance event by a promoter and found it was amazing and i enjoyed it greatly, but I did not take to the music instantly, Quite by chance I listened to a Dj playing Goa Trance in a club, it was new and fresh and totally different to Techno, and trance and it was starting to be play in the Underground Scene more widely. Goa quickly evolved into Psy and i became a fan and a lover of it and wanted to get invovled.

So i change my music and style and learnt that art of mixing Psy, not an easy task because

Psy is so complex, Quickly after that i moved to DJ in the UnderGround Club scene, also played as Dj in the free party and warehouse free party scene.

Mid 90’s i started Promoting Clubs night with my life long  friend Dj Mick Soma with Implant and then we Started Psycosis and Intergartion which were Fullon Psy Trance Flouro Nights.

They became became very popular and ran for many years. I Promoted and played at many nights with Mick Soma and crew, started promoting with free party scene and festivals running many events in the UK and Euorpe.

Worked within Pirate Radio for a few years in the UK, well because pirate radio is illegal in the UK “allegedly i worked ” honest gov was not me…

Left the UK in 2001 to live in Tenerife Spain – after an accident damaged my knee and i needed time to rehabilitate and relax and gather myself…

2 years running my Internet Radio Station “PsyTrance Mayhem Radio” which i closed due to my server crashing and high cost of repair, This gave me a taste for working in Radio.

2010  – I met Gary Melling KISS Tenerife 106.8 Fm, and i was invited to joined the Crew as a Presenter and I.T. Support and the rest is history, Now i am a Presenter for Kiss Tenerife 106.8 Fm , on of the best Urban dance radio stations in Europe – Nov 2009 Kiss Tenerife Paul Van Dyk Special

2011 – Held new territory for me as i have launched Psy Fractal Productions, and will Produce and release Psy Trance under my Stage name of Fractal Fill.

This is an interesting and amazing time for me. With time and effort i hope to help evolve the music and scene with my own style of music

2015 / 16  After the Death of Mick Soma in May 2015 – I started Golf97fm in memory of Mick an our Love of muisc….. now launching Reef Fm – Tenerife

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