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Radio Advertising Guide:  How To Get Started Today

You can reach most people using radio as a medium. To be precise, around 77% of adults tune in to an advertising-supported FM station. The average listenes spends almost 2 hours (109) minutes per day listening to FM radio. Source: (Nielsen Report)

Advertising with Reef Fm - Tenerife

You can reach people when they are driving to do shopping. Peak radio usage coincides with when people are driving to work, lunchtime and leaving work. Listening is much lower between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM than during daytime hours.

You can target your advertising very effectively. In the United States, there are over 11,000 commercial radio stations. While there are 50,000 Watt stations which reach large geographic areas. Many stations reach relatively focused geographic areas.

By picking the right station, you won’t be reaching people that aren’t potential customers. Furthermore, certain formats (talk, country, pop, easy listening) tend to reach specific demographics, enabling advertiser to target the types of customers that shop with them directly.

Advertising with Reef Fm - Tenerife

What are the challenges of radio advertising?

They are listening to the radio and doing something else. When listening to the radio, the listener may be driving a car, doing dishes or talking to friends. Often radio is not the primary focus of their attention. This makes communicating information like a phone number very difficult.

To reach the entire audience of a radio station requires more spots than television. Television is sometimes called appointment viewing. Viewers generally have the intention of watching an entire show from beginning to end. On the other hand, radio listeners can tune in and out at different intervals. For example, two people that listen to the same show while driving to work may never listen at the same time. Thus, a small business advertiser will have to advertise more often to reach everyone listening.

Should you advertise on the radio?

Retail stores and restaurants can use radio ads very effectively. You can reach a potential customer when they are on their way to go shopping or thinking about where to eat that night. In short, radio can be very effective at driving traffic (pun intended) to your business.

Advertising with Reef Fm - Tenerife If you are currently already advertising on other mediums, such as television or newspaper, radio can be a very powerful one-two punch. The potential customer hears a television commercial at night and in the afternoon, and in the morning a radio ad reminds them about your business.

However, if you have a complex message or the benefits of your offering are not easy to describe with words in a compelling way, the radio may not be the best medium for you.

Radio Advertisements Are Typically Sold in 60 Second Spots Traditionally, radio spots are sold and priced based on 60-second commercial spots.

However, you can buy 30 second or even 10-second spots (called billboards). Unlike television, a 30-second commercial doesn’t necessarily cost half as much as a 60-second commercial. For example, a 30 second commercial might be priced at 80% of the rate of a 60-second spot. This is because radio listeners tend to get less annoyed by the amount of time which commercial messages take than the number of different commercials that are aired.

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Advertising with Reef Fm - Tenerife