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5 Unexpected Adventures in Tenerife and other stories

10 January 2017 Tenerife News

5 Unexpected Adventures in Tenerife and other stories

Trekking the Teide National Park

5 Unexpected Adventures in Tenerife
U.S. travelers are discovering Tenerife’s secrets — such as lush mountains, vast hiking trails, 43 protected nature areas and more.

Ten Highs and Lows of Living on Tenerife
After 13 years of living on Tenerife, it’s fair to say that the highs have outweighed the lows by quite some considerable margin, otherwise we wouldn’t still be living here. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

Celebrating the “medianías” – arts & craft and gastronomy fair in Vilaflor
Alongside the official act there will be a fair with local craft and agricultural produce from the nine different boroughs, children’s activities, guided walks in Vilaflor, theatre performances and different activities throughout the weekend.

Good value doesn’t always mean cheap on Tenerife
For me a ‘Euro a pint’ sign translates in my head to ‘watery, poor quality lager’ and I walk on by. Similarly, a while ago I saw a sign on a café near us advertising burgers for €1. My first thought was ‘they’ll be garbage.’ Ironically, there’s not a great difference in price between those Euro burgers and the delicious beefy monsters served in my favourite burger joint on Tenerife, La Oficina near El Sauzal, which are around €2.75. But I’m willing to bet there was a Teide National Park sized crater of a difference when it came to quality.

VII Subida a Guía de Isora mountain racing rally hillclimb.
The VII Subida a Guía de Isora rally will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 29 and 30 October. The race, which will count towards next year’s Spanish national mountain race championships, will be held on the TF463 between Playa San Juan and Guía de Isora town.

Laurel forest photography exhibition in Adeje Cultural Centre
Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced a fascinating photography exhibition about the wonderful laurel forests in the Canaries. The exhibition, of photos by José Juan Hernández, will be open to the public in the exhibition salon in the Adeje Cultural Centre on weekdays from 9am to 8pm until 25 October. Entry is free.

Why Playa Paraiso is and isn’t located in Costa Adeje
… things are about to change. The opening of the Hard Rock Hotel will be the catalyst which transforms Playa Paraiso. Already its name is being mentioned more and more in social media circles. People are increasingly asking where Playa Paraiso is. And that in itself is already causing confusion.

Charity Country Gospel Concert in aid of Adeje Foodbank and Noah’s Ark homeless association
Pastor Ken Cumming has announced the 2nd charity Country Gospel Concert, which will be held in the Adeje Cultural Centre on Sunday, 30 October at 7.30pm . Tickets for the event cost €1 plus 1kg of non perishable food (or more, if you like!), and all proceeds will be donated to the Adeje Foodbank and to the work of Noah’s Ark, an asociación (so a genuine charity) supporting the homeless living on the streets in the south of Tenerife.

Waylaid By A Tenerife West Coast Wander
Seagulls packed the breakwater that was exposed by the low tide and a small group of kayaks tailed behind their leader like ducklings following their mother. Aah yes it was a delightful morning as I made Playa San Juan my kick off point for a stroll along the west coast of Tenerife.

Info Source Secret Tenerife